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Curone valley

Forotondo is one of the many villages of the Val Curone that rise into the amphitheater of mountains that surround the town of Fabbrica Curone.

We are placed at footh of Appennino Ligure in a sweet atmosphere of sloping, rounding down peaks and green valleys: places of charm, full of atmosphere. And again, the clean air, the quiet, the healty sound, rich and natural cooking. A world that keeps the "modus vivendi" of a civilization that has evolved in accordance with the traditions, a world where nature is still dictating the peace of life. Here the seasons, with their colors and their scents, despite their recurrence, discover themselves new and different.


In a time not too far, these hills were preferred places of transit and communication routes, for men and goods, one of the many points of passage routes from the numerous salt roads between Liguria and the Po Valley.


The hills of the Val Curone bordering three regions and three provinces in the north and north-east, Lombardy and the province of Pavia, in the east, although a short stretch, with the Emilia Romagna and the province of Piacenza, a south and south-east with Liguria and the province of Genoa.


The culinary traditions of the regions here crossing did not allow this part of the province of Alessandria to develop a local cuisine with its own identity. In return, we have been developing special offer bringing the best traditions of the bordering lands, and this quality is our power.