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Mount Boglelio

Mount Boglelio is one of the highest peaks of this part of Appennino Ligure/Piemontese, it is the watershed from Lombardia.


In the past it was important crossroads over the Salt Road from Liguria that led to the Pianura Padana. 


Its gentle slopes are covered with a thick vegetation while at the top dominate the meadows and pastures.


Its sides spring sources of pure forming streams that flow into stream Curone.

From its peak (1491 m asl), the view is open for 360 degrees. During the sunny days, from its incomparable view can be admired throughout the entire Alpine arc that goes from the mountains of nearby Emilia Romagna to the Ligurian Alps, from Monviso, Monte Rosa, from Mount Baldo, Mount Resegone on Lake Garda. At the center of this frame stays the Pianura Padana.