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Ristorante Albergo Monte Boglelio history

The history of Hotel Restaurant Monte Boglelio began in 1928 when the brothers Francesco, Mario and Paolo Toso, together with Giuseppe Magrassi to host the summer season the first pioneering tourists from Voghera, Pavia, Tortona, Alessandria, built the "Belvedere Restaurant" on Mount Boglelio (1490 m asl), certainly the highest structure in the area.


The activity develops over the years with success, but in 1943, after the events of 8 September, the generosity of brothers Toso was putting on a severe test when, having hosted some fugitive military prisoners of war, the hotel was destroyed for reprisals from nazi-fascist militias.


Paolo Toso, despite other misfortunes, do not lose heart. Rolled up their sleeves and stubbornness rebuilt in the square in Forotondo, a new hotel restaurant called significantly "Monte Boglelio" in memory of his work, frustrated by the stupidity of war.


Today the work of Paul Toso was continued by his sons Bruno and Marisa and grandchildren.